Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between 3 versions?
The Windoo 1 measures only wind speed and temperature, the Windoo 2 has a humidity sensor more and the Windoo 3 is completed with a pressure sensor to obtain a real pocket weather station.
What is the lifetime of the Windoo (battery)?
The Windoo is powered by the smartphone, there is therefore no battery inside.


In which language is the application?
The application Windoo is in english, french, russian, german, chinese and japanese. The language changes automatically according to the smartphone language configuration. English is the default language.
How can I change units?
Just go into the application settings where you can change the units of wind speed, temperature and pressure.
Can I zoom in the graphic?
No, this function is not available.
Is my smartphone compatible?
A list of compatible smartphones is available on the specifications page.
Is it possible to install the Android application with an APK file?
Yes, you can download the last APK file.
My iPhone/iPad only displays a calibration message
Try to clean your headphone input by following this tutorial
Try to go to Settings, then in Music. You'll see an entry called Volume Limit. Ensure the volume is at his maximum and the checkbox is disabled
I don't have any measurements, what happens?
Please check the following points:
  • Is the Windoo connected to your smartphone?
  • Is the volume level of your smartphone at its maximum?
  • Is the Windoo compatible with your smartphone?
  • Is the headphone input of your smartphone clean? Dust can create a kind of stopper at the bootom of the headphone input. You can carefully clean this plug with a wooden toothpick, never with a metal object. Look at this video!
Measurements values are fixed, what's happening?
Please verify that volume level is always at maximum.
Why the application does not display high wind speeds when you blow on the propeller?
For reasons of interference with the smartphone, the wind speed is filtered and prevents the display of high values when there are large variations in wind speed.
The application is blocked, what to do?
If the Windoo application crashed or is blocked, kill the application and not just get out. Then restart the application Windoo.


What is the wind chill temperature?
The wind chill temperature (WCT) is an index to indicate how cold the weather feels to the average person. It is derived by combining temperature and wind velocity values into one number to reflect the perceived temperature and gives an indication of the loss of heat by the body if the temperature is less than 10°C.
The new formula was established in 2001 by a team of scientists and medical experts from Canada and the United States and has been widely used.
More information on the webiste of Environment Canada
Example : an ambient temperature of 0°C and a wind of 30 km/h act on your body as if the temperature were -6.4°C!
What is the dew point?
The dew point of air is the temperature at which, while keeping the current barometric conditions as they are, the air becomes saturated with water vapour. It is the phenomenon of condensation which occurs when the dew point is reached that creates the clouds, mist and dew.
What is the response time for temperature and humidity measurements?
Temperature and humidity are physical parameters which vary very slowly under natural conditions. To get an accurate measurement, it is necessary that temperature and/or humidity are stabilized. When you change your environment (for example, when you exit a building with a 10 to 20°C difference of temperature), the response time may take a few minutes.
The temperature measurement is too high, why?
The temperature measured by the Windoo can be significantly influenced by external factors, such as the heating of the phone or contact with the fingers, especially in the absence of wind.
Why the temperature measurement is so sensitive?
The temperature sensor being in contact with the aluminum case of Windoo, the measurement corresponds to the temperature of the device housing. A simple touch of the fingers on the Windoo for a few seconds can therefore increase its temperature by several degrees. Look at this video!.
Is the temperature measurement still correct?
Yes, the temperature sensor has an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C from -25 to +60 ° C, our many steps climatic cabinet could confirm.
What solution there he has to reduce these negative external influences on temperature?
You can use an extension cable 4-pole up to 50 cm, among other available on our online shop.
What is the refresh rate of measurements?
While wind speed is updated every second, the refresh rate of temperature, humidity and pressure varies accordint to the model:
Windoo 1 Windoo 2 Windoo 3
Wind speed 1s 1s 1s
Temperature 1s 2s 3s
Humidity - 2s 3s
Pressure - - 3s
I have wrong values of temperature, humidity or pressure, why?
If the Windoo application displays wrong temperature, humidity or pressure values, you just have to remove the Windoo sensor and connect it again to your smartphone.
Is the altitude from GPS or pressure sensor?
The altitude displayed is from the GPS, not from the pressure sensor. In the application, there is no relationship between pressure and altitude.
What is the QNH?
The QNH is the barometric pressure adjusted to sea level. The Windoo application uses the GPS level for the QNH calculation. If the GPS is not activate in your smartphone, the QNH will display the barometric pressure (0m altitude used for the calculation) or "N/A". The Windoo displays only the barometric pressure on the main display.
What is the maximum measurable wind speed?
The propeller is able to measure up to 150 km/h.
How to get the wind direction?
You have to orient your smartphone upwind (display against you) and the application will give you the wind direction.
The display of the speed is wrong, why?
When the propeller doesn’t rotate, the Windoo receives magnetic disturbance from the smartphone and can display wrong values. As soon as the propeller rotates, the displayed values will be again correct.


Is there an application for Windows Phone?
No, the application is only available on iOS and Android.
Where could I get this instrument?
You can get the Windoo from our dealers or directly on our online shop.