Online Manual

Install the application

Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Windoo. Download and instal the application on your smartphone.

Start and configure the application

When the application is installed, plug the Windoo to the headphone jack of your smartphone. The jack plug must be inserted completely (Some protective cases for smartphone prevent this and you need to use the Windoo without the cover).

Launch the application and wait until it detects your Windoo module. The model is automatically recognized, you don't need to specify it yourself.

In application settings, you can configure the units for wind speed, temperature and pressure as well as your preferences for sharing measurements on Facebook, Twitter and

Save and share measurements

When you want to record a measurement, simply press the disk icon (on top right corner) and follow the steps to save the measurement, take a picture and publish the information on Internet. You can save a measurement in your smartphone without sharing it on Internet.

View your measurements

Under the History tab of the application, you can view all measurements you already saved, whereas under the Map tab all measurements shared by the different users can be consulted.